About premium members

Additional charges other than premium membership fees.

①【Purchased items (including domestic shipping in Japan)】
②【Exchange fee】→4.5%
③【shipping fee】

Calculation example
①【Purchased items (including domestic shipping in Japan)】& ②【Exchange fee】

If you purchased a product of ¥10,000.
①Change to US $. (The exchange rate will match the rate of the day.) for example $1=¥120
¥10,000 → $83.33
②Exchange fee 4.5%.
$83.33 + ($83.33 × 4.5%) = $87.07
③We will charge $87.07 at Paypal. Please pay when you receive the invoice.

【shipping fee】
We will prepare for shipping at your favorite timing.
It is more economical to ship them in bulk.
In addition, we will inform you of the most economical shipping method.
Shipping costs will be quoted each time.


・What kind of products can you handle?
→It is possible except for extremely large items and items that cannot be shipped internationally.

・How long can I store my purchased items?
→It is possible within the premium membership period. However, if you have many items, it may be cheaper to ship them in multiple pieces. In that case, we will inform you.

・What happens to the items if I withdraw from the membership on the way?
→All remaining items will be shipped together at the end. Please pay the shipping fee.

・Will the premium membership fee be refunded if I withdraw from the membership in the middle of the month or the middle of the year?
→No refunds will be given.

・Can I unsubscribe immediately?
→Yes, you can do it right away.

・Can I cancel my purchased items?
→It cannot be canceled. Please talk to me first.