Transaction flow of premium members.

①Register as a premium member.

Please check the notes before registering.
If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.

Contact Us

②After registration, we will contact you with a dedicated email address.

We will contact you at your registered email address.

③I would like to ask you about the item list you want. If you find it in Japan, we will contact you.

Search on sites that can only be used in Japan. (Yahoo auction, Mercari, etc.)
If you know the URL of the item you want, please let us know.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

④When you find the item you want, I will bid at your suggested price.

※It is not always possible to make a successful bid at the desired price.
If you can buy it, see the example below.

There are three additional charges other than the premium membership fee.
①【Purchased items (including domestic shipping in Japan)】
②【Exchange fee】→4.5%
③【shipping fee】

Calculation example
①【Purchased items (including domestic shipping in Japan)】& ②【Exchange fee】

If you purchased a product of ¥10,000.
①Change to US $. (The exchange rate will match the rate of the day.) for example $1=¥120
¥10,000 → $83.33
②Exchange fee 4.5%.
$83.33 + ($83.33 × 4.5%) = $87.07
③We will charge $87.07 at Paypal. Please pay when you receive the invoice.

【shipping fee】
We will prepare for shipping at your favorite timing.
It is more economical to ship them in bulk.
In addition, we will inform you of the most economical shipping method.
Shipping costs will be quoted each time.

⑤After purchasing the item, we will issue an invoice with PayPal. Please check the amount and pay.

See above for a calculation example.
In addition, items purchased once cannot be canceled, so please check before purchasing.

⑥When the purchased item arrives at me, I will inspect it. In that case, we will contact you.

We will send you a photo if you request.

⑦Purchased items will be safely stored under me. You can ship multiple purchased items at once.

I keep multiple items in my warehouse.
You can store items for as long as you are a premium member.
We cannot handle extremely large items or items that cannot be shipped internationally.
Please feel free to contact us.

⑧Please make a shipping request at your timing. We will repack them all together and inform you of the shipping cost.

We will repack them together and propose an economical shipping method.
Currently, we recommend shipping by DHL or EMS.
We will also take measures against customs duties.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, please see here for frequently asked questions.